About Us

Personalized Affordable Dealership Consulting

What we do


We are a Central Ohio based independent consulting firm uniquely positioned to work with mid-tier motorcycle and powersports dealers to increase sales, reduce expenses, and increase customer satisfaction.  We have experience working with franchised dealers in almost every brand of motorcycle and many accessory suppliers.  We offer a custom range of affordable services tailored to the needs of each client.




Who we work with

We work with mid-tier dealers who are striving to grow and increase profits.  Our broad knowledge base and effective approach allows us to work with both metric and American brand dealers, as well as non-franchised dealers.  Those dealers who are passionate about their business, and are facing unreasonable demands, overwhelming expenses, or dwindling sales would benefit from Saltzcycle Consulting's services.



Our approach

We have developed the following five point approach that is paramount to the success of every dealership.

  • Projections - set realistic goals and define expectations for profitability
  • Hiring - assemble an effective and cohesive team
  • Training - prepare your staff to operate efficiently
  • Marketing Strategy - increase customer traffic
  • Pre-owned Motorcycles - develop this sector to improve profits