Our goal is clear.  We provide affordable services to help you make your dealership thrive.


Projections are the most effective way to develop a sales model to help you set realistic goals and define expectations for profitability.  We use an intuitive projections spreadsheet for each department of your dealership.  Projections allow you to balance expenses with defined goals.







Hiring the right people is critical for a successful dealership.  We can assist you in recruiting and selecting the most promising new hires to assemble an effective and cohesive team.  The right mix of staff can help you draw a diverse customer base.

Our hiring philosophy is based on four components:

  • Honesty
  • Experience
  • Enthusiasm
  • Eagerness to learn




Training each member of your staff is the best way to efficiently operate your dealership.  We have developed a training curriculum for each department of your dealership including sales/finance, parts, accessories, and service.  We also have a unique set of materials that can be used to train mid-level management.




Marketing Strategy

There are hundreds of ways to spend advertising dollars. We can help you develop a comprehensive advertising strategy to optimize your efforts. Taking advantage of new technologies is an economic way to find new customers, while reaching out to current and past customers keeps satisfaction high.




Pre-owned Motorcycles

Pre-owned motorcycles can be the key to success for your dealership. We can teach you how to effectively buy, service, and sell used motorcycles in order to boost your profits and increase your sales.